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Maldives SnorkelingIf the islands of the Maldives are beautiful, what lies under the water is a veritable wonder of nature. The reefs that encircle the islands and the Atolls are just as abundant in their variety of coral as the marine creatures that live in their variety of coral as the marine creatures that live in and around them. This, couples with the amazingly clear water, make snorkeling and diving in the Maldives a unique experience that one should not forego.

To appreciate this underwater world you don't need to be a professional diver. Snorkeling is one of the simplest ways in which one can have a glimpse of this amazing world under the water. Thus, all you need is a silicone mask to keep out the salt water enabling to improve your vision.

Maldives could be the ideal place for you to learn snorkeling, where you can put the mask on your face, fins on your feet and the air-tube in your mouth. With these simple devices you can enter the magical world beneath the surface. Frankly, it's just like being in a brightly-lit aquarium, with full of exotic tropical fish. Further snorkeling is the best way (with less risk) to explore the shallow reef; and the beauty of the Maldivian resorts is that all these resorts have good house reefs for snorkeling, with a short distance of swim.

Imagine, while you snorkel in the Maldivian waters the sun will lay on your back and the colorful corals, white sand below could one of the most euphoric experiences. To swim for the first time through a channel in the Maldivian coral reefs is really breathtaking. The coral edge suddenly drops away to the unknown deep - just like suddenly going over an abyss in a dream. But, instead of hurting forever downward you drift and glide like an aircraft. Resists the impulse to return to the lagoon, it's perfectly safe, despite the lurking shadows of big fish and sharks deep down by the coral face.

Snorkeling in Maldives is easy as well as relatively cheap and allows you to spend hours witnessing the under water nature of coral reefs. Why don't you follow some useful tips, which we believe will be more enjoyable. Initially you should buy, borrow or rent a mask that snuggly fits onto your face. Test the mask by putting onto your face without using the strap and breath in through the nose. If it fits properly it will not fall-off even when you lean forward. And then choose some fins, which you feel comfortable to your foot and a snorkel which easily fits into your mouth.

After the above basic steps now you must locate the best snorkeling area in your locality and how to reach them plus the potential problems; such as waves, currents or the difficulties in entries and exits. It is advisable to take adequate precautions against the sun, the deceptive cool of the ocean may increase the chances of a sunburn. T-Shirts will obviously help, but remember the sensitive skin on the back of your knees and neck. Waterproof sunscreen cream or the full protection of lycra body suits provides the best protection. Lycra suits also protects you from minor scraps against the coral and you can always use them afterwards for aerobics at home.

Finally, whenever possible always try and swim around the reef, rather than walking. Walking over shallow coral not only results in cuts and scraps, but more importantly it damages the corals often severely.

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