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  Touring Around

A vacation in Maldives can be spent either by learning the art of doing nothing, or by enjoying activities you love to pursue in your free time. Activities including Beach and water sports can be enjoyed here. The waters around Maldives attract not only vacationers but also professional divers and surfers from all around the world.

As the top diving and cruising spots are widely scattered around Maldives cruises around the islands provide you with the best opportunities to indulge in your hobbies.

Scuba Diving

The surrounding waters of Maldives are literally a city under water. The crystal clear waters offer visibility up to 60 meters - a rarity in the world of divers. This combined with the veritable mine of aquatic life makes Maldives a top diving destination - a dream destination of divers from around the world.


The abundance of marine life is a source of attraction for not only divers but also for those passionate about snorkeling. Around 70 different species of colorful coral reefs make up the flora of this underwater city with more than 700 species of fishes and other aqua marine life taking the role of the fauna.


A popular diving destination for years, Maldives has become a dream destination for surfers too. Surfing in the clear, warm waters of the Maldives is an experience very few would want to miss. A veritable source of enjoyment for novices and professional surfers alike, surfing in Maldives attracts surfers from all around the world.


The abundance of marine life in Maldives makes fishing in the Maldives an unforgettable experience for amateurs and professionals alike. The various species of fish like Dolphin Fish, Little Tuna, Snappers, Groupers, Rainbow Runner, Squirrel fish, Emperors, Trevally and Barracuda abound here. The presence of rare species of fishes and marine life make your fishing experience more enjoyable than ever.

Dreaming to catch fishes like Dolphin Fish, Little Tuna, Rainbow Runner, Trevally and Barracuda then just head out to the sea in the early morning hours, from dawn. Fishing at night is a major attraction for most tourists, as you get to catch various fish species like Groupers, Emperors, Jacks and Barracuda

Fishing in the Maldives is usually dependent on the weather. Generally, warm and sunny throughout the year, Maldives has 2 main seasons - the South West and the North East monsoons. Although bad weather is rare, the varying temperatures can affect the underwater currents leading to varying fish movements.


Angling or Sea Angling is for those wishing to spend a leisurely day or two on the sea with nothing but angling on their mind. Set off on a 'dhoni' for a two to three day trip, and sail to fresher pastures - unexploited remote coral reefs - where the fishes are relatively unaware of the modern and traditional baits used for fishing. Angling in the remote coral reefs provide anglers with a new experience everyday.

Angling can be done from the 'dhoni' itself and from its own speed boat or the 'dinghy'. Reef fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing and Flats fishing - anything and everything is possible. The 'dhonis' are fully furnished and air-conditioned to make your journey of discovery a truly memorable experience.

Reef Casting

Reef Casting is one of the most exciting types of fishing. Sail towards the coral reefs on a dinghy or a medium-sized motor Dhoni, early in the morning or in the afternoon. Head towards the coral reefs and get ready to tackle some of the strongest fighters of the reefs.

At the edge of the reef and directly above it, you are greeted with groupers like the 'purple colored luna-tailed rock grouper' & the 'black spotted panther grouper', Barracudas, Snappers, Bluefin Trevally Jack and the Giant Trevally Jack. A fully grown Giant Trevally Jack, which can reach a length of around 1.70 meters, is one of the strongest fighters of the reef.

Sometimes, these fishes take the bait and disappear into caves and coral shelves. During such times, do your best to stay steady. Hold on to anything stable and keep your rod high.


Get sailing in the waters surrounding Maldives, which captivates you with its immense beauty. The waters are colored in different hues of blue, turquoise and green. The islands making up Maldives dot the ocean like scattered pearls. All in all, it is an experience not to be missed.

A vacation in Maldives through a cruise around the beautiful, colorful atolls can be a breath taking experience. A cruise is usually planned on a 7 day or 14 day itinerary. Covering around 2-3 atolls or more, these cruises also provide you with opportunities to pursue your hobbies like diving, snorkeling, fishing etc.


Are you in two minds? Can't decide what to do - water skiing or parachuting! Want to go for water skiing, but don't want to miss the thrill of parachuting?

The thrill and exhilaration of water skiing and parachuting can be had together through the sport of parasailing. Fly with a parachute over the multi-colored Indian Ocean and at the same time be towed by a speed boat. Get an unsurpassed aerial view of Maldives as you fly over the droplets like islands.

Get sprayed with droplets of water. Enjoy the kick of feeling the wind rush past you, as the boat speeds through the water.

Catamaran Sailing

A Catamaran is a vessel with a twin hull, and is propelled by either sails or by steam. Another type of sailing, Catamaran Sailing is very popular. Every one including novices and experienced sailors enjoy this sport. Catamaran sails are available with all windsurfing centers.

Once you start sailing on one of the catamarans, over the exquisitely beautiful waters of Maldives, you will never want to stop for even a single second.


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