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  Maldives Aviation Maldives

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the upcoming companies dealing Mainly with VIP and diplomatic jet supervision and ground handling in Maldives. We are 10 years old and expanding rapidly within the private sector business Group in the Maldives. We make hotel bookings of various standards in the Maldives for tour operators, Individuals and a special rate for the airline crew.

1. Facilities and Services

Pre-operation procedures:

  • Getting all the required information and paper works from the airline for slot Clearance and Civil Aviation permission.
  • Obtaining the slot and Civil Aviation permission on behalf of the airline asRequested.
  • Obtain the over fly and fuel stop permission.

Passenger handling:

  • Ensure that check-in counters, transfer counters and gates are properly staffed
  • Ensure that flight and company logo of airline is properly displayed at check-in counters, gate and monitors at the airport
  • Ensure timely disembarkation of incoming flight
  • Ensure that transfer passengers on inbound flight are properly handled at the arrival gate
  • Ensure that inbound and onward passengers on outbound flight are properly handled
  • Ensure proper indication of boarding time on boarding passes and on TV-screens at the airport
  • Ensure timely boarding of the outgoing flight
  • Ensure passports of outgoing passengers are checked (if required)
  • Ensure that incoming and outgoing passengers requiring special services are properly handled at the gate and at check-in (UM, WCHR/S/C, MAAS, DEPU/DEPA/INAD, VIP, etc)

Crew handling:

  • Arrange hotel accommodation for the crew as requested by the airline
  • Arrange APT/HTL/APT transfer
  • Provide the flight plan, weather charts & NOTAM on arrival to the airport

Baggage Handling:

  • Ensure incoming baggage is properly handled
  • Ensure incoming and outgoing transfer baggage is properly handled
  • Ensure correct baggage labeling
  • Ensure that excess baggage is properly handled
  • Ensure that proper DAA baggage handling, if applicable
  • Assist in tracing lost baggage, if required

Cargo and mail handling:

  • Collect incoming cargo and mail documents from crew and hand over (partly) to handling agent. Keep copies for airline file, if applicable
  • Collect outgoing cargo and mail documents from handling agent and hand over as required to crew. Keep copies for airline file
  • Ensure proper handling of NOTOC's et

Operational handling:

  • Check and verify aircraft data, ETA and LDM of incoming flight
  • Number of incoming passengers
  • Onward connections for incoming passengers
  • Special services required for incoming passengers
  • Incoming baggage and delivery at aircraft
  • Order special meals required for outgoing flight
  • CFP's, Notams and latest weather-briefing for outgoing flight, company docs
  • Special ground handling requirements(e.g. GPU, ASU)
  • EZFW, availability of ATC-flight plan, CTOT for outgoing flight
  • Crew briefing: e.g. number of passenger, ordered meals, information regarding special passengers (UM, WCHR/S/C, DEPU/DEPA/INAD, MAAS, VIP, etc)
  • Relay fuel figures to fuel supplier and handling agent operations
  • Collect incoming documents from the crew: passenger manifest, incoming load sheet
  • Ensure that all messages (ATA, ETD, ATD, PTM, PSM, TPM, LDM, etc) are sent on time by handling agent Ramp handling:
  • Ensure timely availability of ground equipments for the aircraft
  • Ensure proper and timely (un) loading of baggage, cargo and mail
  • Coordinate loading figures for load sheet with foreman

Irregularity handling:

  • Ensure that passengers are properly informed about delays/cancellations
  • Ensure that refreshment/meal vouchers are handed to passengers in accordance with company regulations
  • Coordinate matters with captain and the airlines head office
  • Take care of crew if stranded

Administrative work:

  • Handle flight coupons
  • Handle airport statistics Handle local statistics of the airline
  • File flight documents
  • File in flight report
  • Send required messages
  • Perform any other administrative work the airline may require
  • Establish and maintain local procedures according to the airlines requirements and to provide information on local laws and regulations and procedures pertaining to airlines activity.
  • Take action on all communication addressed to the airline as required.
  • Prepare, forward and file reports, statistics, and documents and perform any other administrative duty that may be required by the airline or local authorities.
  • Maintain the airlines manuals, circulars, etc. connected with the performance of the services.
  • To check and sign on behalf of the airlines invoices, supply orders, handling charge notes, work orders etc. as agreed with the airline.

2. Terms and conditions

a. The "Supervisor" will provide their services as the "Carrier's" Supervisor (to supervise the services of handling company) at Male' International Airport.

b. The services of the "Supervisor" will include general liaison services and supervision or administration of the "Carrier's" operation to/from Male' according to the instructions received from the "Carrier".

c. The "Supervisor" shall provide adequate team of qualified staff to supervise all aspects of "Carrier". One staff member dedicated for "Carrier" operation shall be nominated and he shall maintain direct link with the "Carrier". Any changes temporary or permanent of this person shall be notified to the "Carrier" forthwith.

d. The "carrier" agrees to compensate the services rendered by the "Supervisor" on all tasks pertaining to the supervision of the aircraft at Male' International Airport by paying the agreed amount in US$ for each flight arriving Male'. The price will remain unchanged until otherwise agreed in writing by both parties. A new agreement should be reached within 30 days from the notice.

e. The "Carrier" agrees to make payments to the concerned Government Authorities of the Republic of Maldives for all activities pertaining to the ground handling of the aircrafts in accordance with the specifications.

f. The compensation fee does not include any services provided and cost incurred by the "Supervisor" on behalf of the Carrier", such as long distance telecommunications, delayed flights, accommodation etc. Such expenses shall be reimbursed by the "Carrier" at cost price plus 10% accounting surcharge. The "Carrier" shall link up SITA connection to the "Supervisor's" office premises where the "Carrier's" operations are carried out.

Supervision functions

Supervisory responsibilities (Pre-flight, On-flight & Post-flight)a. To be present at the airport as and when necessary to supervise and coordinate the ground handling services and the 3 hours before flight Departure time and curfew of one hour after flight departure in case aircraft returns.

b. To co-operate with the "Carrier's" representative as and when it is required.

c. To ensure that the handling company is timely and accurately informed about all operational data including alterations.

d. To check availability or preparedness of staff, equipment, supplies and services of the handling company to perform the ground handling services.

e. To check preparation of all necessary documentation.

f. To ensure that prompt notification of the "Carrier's" requirements are given to all interested parties.

g. Check that cargo and mail, including necessary documents will be ready in time to be loaded on the Aircraft.

h. Meet Aircraft upon arrival and contact crew.

i. Receive briefing from crew and give information about any irregularity changes in schedules and other matters.

j. To supervise and coordinate the ground handling services, deciding no routine matters as required.

k. Check dispatch of operational messages to and from the "Carrier".

l. Check tracing of baggage, cargo, mail and lost and found articles. To follow up if necessary.

m. To note irregularities in station log and inform "Carrier's" representative according to the relevant directives. In keeping with "Carrier's" instructions, treatment of passengers in case of irregularities.

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