Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives

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  About Us

Sea N Sun Maldives is one of the leading travel agent in Maldives offering all sorts of travel related services. The company arranges hotel reservation, cruise management, tour packages, passenger handling services and tour arrangements.

Sea N Sun Maldives aims to be the regions best and most successful travel company. Our partners have remarkably acknowledged for the highest standard of our services that we offer to our customers. The main objective of the company's management is to ensure that each and every service that is offered to its customers is valued for money and highly competitive in the market.


"We prioritize creating the best value for money, while functioning with utmost efficiency and reliability. We pursue innovation with zeal and passion, while applying true Maldivian qualities to promote our cultural heritage through this industry"


Attain the position of the premiere tour operator in the region

Serve the industry with the most dedicated and qualified personnel

Provide maximum satisfaction to our customers with an unparallel sense of quality

Invoke trust in our stakeholders and partners for their commitment to our business


When doing travel arrangements in a place like Maldives, where is

lands are isolated across the nation, the need of a local handling agent is essential. The services could easily be arranged with the standard required by the tour operator. Hence this would also be a save in expenditure to the operators based in other nations.

Sea N Sun Maldives has been leading in the Maldives tourism industry for the past six years. The core aim of Sea N Sun Maldives is to deliver its customers superior service and to ensure that guest's expectations are exceeded even to the most discerning guest.

Whether on business, a family vacation, or an escape for a romantic getaway, discriminating travelers can rest assured that when they choose Sea N Sun Maldives, they have found the most excellent service in Maldives.


Being as an International Tour Operator you would have hundreds of hotels and resorts on offer to your customers. It would definitely be your primary objective to give the finest service to each customer arrived to every destination around the globe. By being Sea N Sun Maldives as your local travel partner, you would enjoy myriad of advantages to operate business in Maldives. Some of this includes;

ü Ensure your corporate standards are offered to guest consistently.

ü Promptly attending to additional requests made by your guest.

ü Deal with related government & tourist authorities, if required.

ü Check guest expectation are exceeded during occupancy.

ü Reduce the additional expenses that will incur to provide handling services in Maldives.

ü Assist to maintain & strengthen corporate brand identity in Maldives.


It is important to know the intensive information of service we provide to operators as a local partner. Being Sea N Sun Maldives as the representation for Tour Operators and Travel Agents, we provide the following services;

a) Meet and Greet services

When guest booked there holiday through a tour operator, they would expect each and every arrangement to handle efficiently. Hence they would also expect a representative of the tour operator to welcome them in the arriving destination. We as a local partner arrange welcoming & greeting services to guests arriving through our international partners with the standards requested by them. The logo & name of the origin agent would be displayed to the guests on arrival, which would increase the brand identity of the agent. Welcome drinks are also being served to guests who come through a contracted agent.

b) Assisting and accompanying clients with transfer.

Resorts scattered in the Maldives archipelago in different locations and therefore transfer modes to the resorts may differ due to the location of the resorts. Getting in to the resort transfer may be an awful experience, without the help of travel agent as the transfer may re-schedule due to the changes in the airplane timings. Sea N Sun Maldives as a local partner take great care of your guest in assisting and accompanying your guest to the resort, hotel or safari boats transfer by making every necessary effort to make the guests journey smooth.

d) Always in-touch

The company provides a 24hr HOTLINE to its international partners to help with any urgent assistance. A dedicated company representative will also be provided for the client(s) to contact for any assistance during their stay in Maldives to ensure that every minor queries are attended promptly.

e) Deal with client's additional request throughout their stay

Guest would have plenty of requests on arrival to the resort. To name a few, It may be a request for an additional service from the resort, an extension of holiday, a request for Male shopping excursion or just to confirm if their tickets are reconfirmed on their departure date. On behalf of the origin tour operator, Sea N Sun Maldives as local partner will attend promptly to every minor request of guests to make the guest feel a difference of exceptional service.

g) Providing a dedicated full time travel specialist from the Company for the Tour Operator.

Upon assignment of Sea N Sun Maldives as your local partner, the company would arrange a dedicated full time trained travel specialist to attend to all the request from the tour operators. As their will be various arrangements that need to be reconfirmed early before the guest arrive, our travel specialist will ensure that these are confirmed by liaising with the related parties.

h) Provide office space

For operators who wish to keep a direct staff of the operator in Maldives, Sea N Sun Maldives provides Office space with necessary communication and administration equipments. The advantage of being Sea N Sun Maldives as your local representative in Maldives is that our company staff could help your staff in arranging every necessary arrangement including accommodation to reside in Maldives. We as a prominent local travel agent have good relationship with all the travel concerned businesses in Maldives to assist your staff in making arrangements in Maldives.

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